Choosing windows for a house we may often wonder what would be the best for us. The wide range of windows on the market can make our head spin. Should we choose a window that looks nice ore the most popular one? The solution to the problem is easy – it is enough to have a look at the list of properties of different windows, and to compare them. The most important are the parameters – for someone it is important to have wind resistant windows, for someone else excellent water resistance, or large glazed surface. The choice is yours. You can ask for advice in our local shop or make a decision yourself. To make the choice easier here is some description of the parameters.


Heat transfer coefficient (Uw) – this parameter is influenced by the glazing as well as the coefficient of the window frame (Uf). The lower, the most effective protection against the heat and energy loss. Nowadays the standard coefficient Uw is about 1,3-1,7 W/(m2K).


Transmission of air – it is a very important parameter, which specifies how tight windows are. There are four classes to choose from – the last one guarantees no transmission of the outside air. Should you have automatic ventilation system, it is good to use it.


Wind resistance – there are six classes available in this parameter. One of them – C6 guarantees that the bending of a window would happen in case of wind blowing 200km/h. However, in our climate, it is enough to choose class C2 – resistance to wind up to 130km/h.


Acoustic properties (factor Rw) – the higher factor, in this case, the better acoustic isolation. Unless you live close to an airport, Rw>33dB should be enough for you.


Water resistance – windows have ten classes of water resistance. In this case there should be no room for doubt, opt for the best class.


Coefficient of light transmission (Lt) – it is given in percentage which describes the amount of light that gets inside. There are no windows having 100% Lt factor, we recommend 70%-80%.


The coefficient of total transmission of solar energy (g) – we need to be cautious here. This factor describes the amount of solar energy that gets inside. In the winter – the more the better, however, in the summer we may regret having such windows.


We hope that the information given will help you to make a decision. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our sales representative