More and more people are interested in energy saving houses. As the need for such buildings increases, the role of windows, and of their thermal proprieties is being taken into consideration. Windows having a low degree of heat loss allow us to save energy, and what comes with that save on bills, regarding the costs of house heating.

Energy efficient windows are characterized by the use in their production, technically advanced substances and bigger amount of glass, which is necessary for the construction of profiles (because of their thickness) as well as the gaskets, which are different in energy efficient windows. Looking for such windows, we should start with determining the thermal parameters we would like to get. The most important ones are:

Uw – heat transfer coefficient of the window

Af – frame surface

Uf – heat transfer coefficient of the frame

Ag – glazing surface

Ug – heat transfer coefficient of the glazing

Lg – perimeter of the glazing

Ψ – linear heat transfer coefficient of the glazing

These are the characteristic features each window should be described by. More about them below.

Uw. This factor describes the thermal transmittance for the whole window. When this factor is low we loose less heat from our house. According to present technical requirements a window should have Uw = 1,8 or 1,7 W/m2, depending on the region.

Thickness of the frame. It is a factor that has a big influence on the thermal conditions of a window, while in typical windows the thickness is about 68mm, the thickness of a frame in energy saving windows is even 100mm.

Triple glazed unit with a thermobar. Using this type of solution lowers the heat transfer coefficient, what in turn allows to save on heating costs up to 30%.

More gaskets as well as their larger total surface prevents the cold air from coming inside. Fused gaskets, are a standard in energy saving windows, what is more, their contact surface with a frame is 8mm. We also introduced other innovative solutions with the use of various gaskets in this type of windows.

As far as window joinery is concerned, KNS products are one of the best on the market which can be used in energy saving buildings.

Such a solution is profile Ergono.

Profile Ergono is characterized by unique properties, having energy class A, it is desirable in energy saving houses. It is the best one as far as energy efficiency is concerned, what is more, its construction is very practical. It is a 6-chambered profile by VEKA, the thickness of it is 90mm. Such windows are becoming more and more popular in modern energy saving houses, in which large windows and arches are desirable.

Ergono is ideal for such solutions. Apart from very good thermal properties, this product has very good acoustic value. Buying and fixing energy saving window Geneo, we protect natural environment. It is great to be used in passive and low-energy houses, what is more, the price for this quality of product is very good.