Have you ever wondered why to have vents in windows? The role of this small device fixed in windows is to let the right amount of air inside. Not only it is needed for breathing, but also our house needs it to function well. Thanks to vents we can avoid moisture and mold.

There are different kinds of vents on the market – some of them have fixed, others regulated size of the gap, which allows for the right circulation of air in the room. It can be regulated manually or automatically. In the latter case vents react to the pressure of air outside and inside as well as to the moisture around.

Choosing new windows they can be already ordered with vents. It is also possible to have vents installed on already fixed windows. They should be in all rooms, including kitchen. They are not required in the bathroom as because of the moisture they could be covered with frost. If your house is located near a busy street, opt for vents with improved acoustic transmission, since together with the air you would let the noise inside.

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