VEKA Windows


Softline 82 MD is the latest generation system of Veka profiles. It has the highest German quality – class ,, A "- meaning maximum service life, safety and energy efficiency. They have a remarkable resistance and insulation due to the 7-chamber profile structure, 82 mm installation depth, and also metal reinforcements. The elegant form with a slightly rounded shape, is responsible for the highest quality design, making Softline 82 an unique product. This system can be used in different places - in new constructions and during repairs.
Product characteristic:

  • prestigious German 7-chamber profile - sophisticated shape, stability, excellent performance
  • installation depth 82 mm - sensational strength, thermal insulation and high heat savings
  • innovative profile design - the optimal temperature distribution and the absence of condensation inside the profile
  • excellent heat transfer coefficient - Uw less than 0,6 W/m2K with the innovative
  • 7-chamber geometry and tripple glazing - thermal insulation, reducing heating costs and energy efficiency
  • unique design using traditional steel reinforcements – sensational coefficient Uf=1,0 W/m2K
  • glazing thicknes from 24 to 52 mm - perfect thermal insulation
  • special steel used already for a long time in the 70 mm systems; stability and safety
  • innovative design of the sash - pressed to the central gasket, ensuring a perfect seal of the whole window
  • wall thickness in highest quality group: class A - greater safety and noise reduction
  • special triple gasket system with a central seal - perfect noise, cold and moisture isolation
  • many possibilities of application: windows, entrance and sliding doors
  • smooth profile surfaces - easy to maintain without the need for conservation
  • Profile versatility - compatible with all branded ferrules on the market
  • elegant design - aesthetics and functionality