VEKA Windows


Increasingly popular type of building selected by the customer is building energy-efficient homes. We fully understand their needs and we offer a product that is ideally suited for use in this type of buildings. It saves not only heat, but also protects the environment.
Product characteristic:

  • German 6-chamber profile - design with sophisticated shape and arrangement of chambers
  • profile width 90 mm - excellent durability, thermal insulation and high heat savings
  • Up to 0,8 (W/m2K) using triple glazing and insulation wedge filling the chamber - reducing heating costs and energy efficiency
  • glazing thickness from 24 to 50 mm - ideal thermal insulation
  • Special steel reinforcements - static stability and long-term functionality
  • wall thickness in highest quality group: class A - greater safety and noise reduction
  • special triple gasket system with a central seal - perfect acoustic and thermal insulation and excellent tightness
  • elegant, slightly rounded edges, functionality and more light
  • visible surface of the sash and frame (118 mm) - larger glass surface and excellent illumination of the interior
  • innovative insulation wedge - increased thermal insulation
  • the ability to attach additional supporting hardware components to the reinforcement
  • increased safety and durability
  • smooth profile surfaces - easy to maintain without the need for conservation