VEKA Windows


Combination of southern Europe design with German precision and durability. This product meets the expectations of all customers who want to stand out and have an unparalleled product in terms of aesthetics, utility and durable.
Product characteristic:

  • prestigious German 6-chamber profile
  • excellent thermal and effective noise suppression (excellent heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1.2 to 1.3 W / m 2 K)
  • profile width 70 mm - better energy-efficient values
  • profile design inspired by southern Europe - Mediterranean style
  • special technologies - increasing security and better functionality
  • anti-theft ferrules in the sashes and frames - installation through several walls of the profile; increased safety
  • closed steel in the reinforcement - possibility of fixing additional ferrules and installation of load-bearing
  • smooth profile surfaces - easy to maintain without the need for conservation
  • steel reinforcements - excellent static, functional durability and greater security
  • gaskets colors: gray, light brown, black - attractive windows aesthetics
  • greater possibility of glazing (from 14 to 42 mm) - without need for additional profiles
  • the external wall thickness of the profile not less than 2.8 mm - maximum performance RAL and class A