(different facing south, different facing north)

Choosing windows for a house one may wonder whether to get all of them on the same profile, or better not. Our company suggests taking into consideration necessary parameters of required windows, so as to obtain the best functional results for a house. It is necessary to have in mind where the windows will be fixed, or rather the angle of the sunlight reaching them.

Should the windows be fixed from the south, it is very important that they, on one hand insulate the house, on the other hand, allow for obtaining the warmth from outside.

Therefore, KNS suggests choosing windows having average coefficient of heat transfer and high coefficient of sunlight transmission. In the summer, when the solar radiation is most noticeable, the house may get overheated. In such a situation it is good to have blinds or awnings for those windows.

However, windows facing north should have excellent insulation against cold. This can be achieved when using triple glazing. The GS factor, that is the transmission of sunlight, does not play any role in those windows.

The rest of the windows in the house should have average parameters, more like the ones from the south side.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact our sales representative, who will help you to choose the best windows for your house.