Having windows already fixed one may wonder what to do to keep them it the best condition. It is necessary to maintain them well.

Here is some advice how to do this.

PCV windows should be washed with a soft cloth (cotton) with the use of water and some gentle detergent. It can be liquid used especially for windows, antistatic specimen or simply washing up liquid, which removes all stains and dirt well. Caustic cleaners, such as bleach or dissolvent should be avoided, as they can damage the surface of a frame.



Wooden windows – just like mentioned above, should be cleaned with soft cloth and gentle cleaner, the best one is for wooden surfaces. It is important that the cloth is not scabrous, it is easy to damage the painted surface on wooden frames. After washing the windows, protective liquid should be applied, this needs to be done at least twice a year.



Aluminum windows – are best cleaned with the use of water, washing up liquid and soft cloth or sponge. After washing, aluminum profiles should be rinsed with water and dried with soft cloth. Further, the windows can be maintained with the use of substances offered by the producer, or liquids used for car bodies.

If you have any questions as far as maintaining windows bought in KNS is concerned, do not hesitate to ask one of our sales representatives, or our sales assistant in one of our local shops.