Plastic windows and doors

Our windows are made of high quality German profile A, VEKA, KBE and GEALAN, which is specially adapted to the climatic conditions of Central Europe. ROTO fittings for your greater safety. Insulating double glazing and triple glazing with TGI Spacer Intermediate Frame are supplied by PILKINGTON and PRESGLASS, etc. The possibility of choosing inter-frame frames and seals in the profile color. Valve control, high-quality reinforced handle, hardened galvanized reinforcement up to 3mm are our standard equipment. For all profiles, we can provide the appropriate certificates. Our products comply with EN ISO 9001: 2001 Our company is registered with the State Environmental Fund to SOD for the grant program „New Green Savings“

Aluminum windows and doors

As opposed to plastic, they have increased strength and consequently longer life. Their use is recommended especially for larger glazed areas and increased operation. We currently offer aluminum windows from YAWAL.

Interior door

We choose from several factors. We care about their orientation – whether we need left or right. Equally important is the style of opening, door material, surface and shade. Last but not least, whether they should be full or glazed. With the choice of the optimal door we will be happy to help. At present we offer interior doors from PORTA DOORS.

Window sills

Nowadays they are not just boards that cover the masonry under the window. Today, the parapets are also aesthetic. Their design affects the overall look of the interior and the exterior of the house. Often, we also use them as storage areas. Demands for appearance, durability and functionality are perfectly suited by the TOZAN window sills offered by us.

Door fillings

We offer from the reputable company GAVAPLAST

Outdoor and indoor balustrades

Glass facades


Free price offer

– we will design your solution and process the budget according to your individual needs completely free of charge.

Professional approach


Professional focus

Is a matter of course in our case because we have been working in the field for a number of years and we have a long-time experience.

Complete delivery

We provide demolition and assembly, bricklaying, balcony lining and, in the final phase, also removal and disposal.